The competitions are moving!! EU law, Secretaries, External relations and more!

Dear all,

and more competitions are striking for the first time

The summer break is here but it doesn’t mean we can stop, EPSO moves on and so we do, as we cannot choose what kind of surprises we get, so the best thing we can do is to adapt to them. EPSO is committed to make the competitions possible, And after long struggle, there is an end for each competition, read until the end of this article to see what happened to our candidates SPOILER!!! Believe it or not, there is a happy ending for those of you in the EPSO competitions.

Something you should (absolutely) know

Las 22nd December, a modification (addendum) of several competitions was published that included two relevant facts and one reminder :

  • Fact 1 : All active competitions will be evaluated online. Including CBT (also you can take this test in the old traditional CBT facility /Prometric center)
  • Fact 2 : When they say online, they mean it for all tests (CBT, knowledge test, E-tray, Assessment Centre). Online tests can be done both at EPSO’s test centers or at home (all this possibility should be clearly indicated in the official communications through your candidate profile).
  • Reminder : SCBI or Situational Competence Based Interview replaces the group exercise for online testing (not big deal, let us know when you are there, we know it well and our successful candidates too 😉

In case you are skeptical on these facts, allow us to copy some points extracted from the addendums :

Here you have the reference, online CBT testing is a reality

How is your competition doing among EPSO competitions?

Let’s go competition by competition to clarify it (we’ll follow from highest to lowest EPSO reference number). Please, be aware the following analysis is done based on the information published in EPSO web page and our experience as candidates (yes, we once were where you are now) and trainers.

1.-Administrators in policymaking and law-making in the field of health EPSO/AD/392/21 – 1 food safety EPSO/AD/392/21 – 2 auditing inspection and evaluation in the field of health and food safety EPSO/AD/392/21 – 3

Remember our analysis of this competition (profile 1, profile 2 and profile 3) ? well, not much have changed. In total there has been 1454 split in 710, 465 and 289 application on each profile respectively. So the wise EPSO has decided to go to the eligibility check (CV screening) and then to the Talent evaluation. It will take a while so we expect the assessment by the beginning of 2022. When the moment for the assessment comes, If you think we can help you with our trainings, you can check our next sessions or subscribe for the next ones.

2.-Experts in technical support to Member States’ Structural Reforms EPSO/AD/391/21 – 1
Experts in the Schengen acquis EPSO/AD/391/21 – 2

Well, finally the expert in Structural reforms were far more than expected and the CBT has been called upfront and literally while we were writting this, EPSO decided to inform on the dates. the 4th August opens the booking period. CBT exams will take place from 2nd to 10th September. After that, for those of you with the highest marks. Let’s say around 450 , 1 out 4 of the candidates who applied for Structural reform support and around 250 for Schengen acquis, 1 out of 1,5 (not bad, eh??) will go the eligibility check (CV screening) and then to the Talent evaluation, After it, the highest mark in the talent, around 135 for structural reform and 75 for Schengen, will be invited to the assessment (end 2021 or most likely beginning of 2022) . If you think we can help you with our trainings, you can check our next sessions or subscribe for the next ones.

3.-Administrators in the field of Chemicals Policy EPSO/AD/390/21

Do you remember our analysis of this competition ? well, it has advanced!!! the eligibility checks is done and it moves to the Talent Screener. 518 lucky candidates will be checked thoroughly to evaluate their merits, of which, only the 135with the highest marks in the talent will go to the assessment. It will take a while so we expect the assessment by the end of 2021 or beginning of 2022. And when the moment to prepare the assessment comes, and you think we can help you, check our next training sessions or subscribe for the next ones.

4.-Nuclear inspectors number: EPSO/AST/149/21

This competition is a good example of the evaluation procedure. Applications closed in April, 440 brave candidates presented their application. Around 80 didn’t fulfil the eligibility criteria, so 359 went to the talent, of which 118 are invited now to the assessment that will take place in Autumn. So, it’s time to prepare it! Second half of September will take place the case study (our article on it), then October-November are expected the Competence based interview, field related interview and situational competence interview. If you are interested in our trainings, you can check our next sessions or subscribe for the next ones.

5.-Administrators in the field of sustainable agriculture and rural development EPSO/AD/389/21 – AD6

So the CBT is done (according to EPSO last date was 26th July) and let’s hope everybody got its opportunity to take the CBT. Assuming this, results should be ready by September. Then, those successful candidates with the highest marks will jump into CV screening (approx. the first 550 by ranking in marks) and afterwards Talent Screener evaluation from which , a selected group of 165 candidates will be invited to the assessment. Most probably by end of this year to take the assessment beginning of 2022.

6.-Administrators in the field of external relations EPSO/AD/382/20 (AD5 and AD7)

Yes! EPSO committed itself with an indicative date for the results, we hope this will be the good one.

We know all of you (to be precise the 11498 of you) who applied for this competition and almost of all you who took already the CBT, are anxious to get the results, but you will have to wait until the end of the summer break to get them. There may be a few of you that because of the pandemics didn’t have the opportunity to take the test, without them ,the next phase ( eligibility test and talent screener) can’t be launched. The good news are that phase looks closer and results are announce for mid-September. Wait patiently (no other option is possible) and you will be rewarded (finger crossed for all of you)

7.-Administrators in the field of European Law EPSO/AD/381/20

Here we go! after the summer break, we’ll have our test on EU law, don’t forget to take the treaties with you this summer!

Yes, many of you took the CBT when you were supposed to do so, that is, from end November until mid-December (green square). But still, many (hundreds or even thousands) candidates couldn’t due to Covid-restrictions. In December 2020, EPSO committed itself to give them an opportunity and there it goes (red square). The negative effect of this is that you won’t get your CBT results until all candidates has passed the exam (EPSO said in its 15 December announcement) well…That has been done!!!! We are now facing the EU LAW test (here some free resources and books suggestions) in September, with the linguistic comprehension test. If you think we can help you with the EU LAW test, join our next training, aimed to help you to study during the tempting summer break. .

8.-Administrators in international cooperation and managing aid to non-EU countries EPSO/AD/380/19 – AD7 and AD7

Your memory is right, this competition opened in December 2019 and the CBT was done couple of months later but, as international cooperation projects, nobody said it would be easy or short. Right after the end of the CBT, the lockdown began and this competition went frozen. Now, seems it’s getting warm again but not too much. Case study was announced for January but finally it will take place after the summer break??? (we’ll see, it’s been 3 times since the pushed it back) and the Assessment continues, now with the Competence based interview. The end of it is foreseen by end of October (we really hope so, courage!!)

In the meantime, dear candidates, keep your stamina and resilience up. If you need some help with the case study or with the pending assessment test, check here.

9.-Secretaries EPSO/AST-SC/10/20 – SC 1 and SC2

Well, many have asked about this competition and when the second test (the one about Word-MS Office skills) could take place. Apparently not yet. Still quite a few candidates haven’t taken their CBT test, so a new window is open to book and do the CBT. This opportunity comes with a cost, you won’t get your CBT results until all candidates has passed the exam (EPSO already said in its 15 December announcement). Still, there is light at the end of the tunnel and the intermediate test (Word test) has been announce for September. We are preparing some trainings for it, If you think we can help you with the WORD office 2016 test, inscribe/show your interest in our next training, aimed to help you the moment you will invited to it. .

And the good news are?

Each of these croqUEtillas has a name and a story behind, we are very happy we helped them to join the reserve list and soon, become AD officials. We’ll be even happier when we can celebrate this properly

There is light at the end of the tunnel!! In the last months we got the results of three competitions, namely Specialists in legal research-Lawyers-EPSO/AD/365/19, to EPSO/AD/370/19, Administrators in the field of Audit EPSO/AD/372/19 – AD 5 and AD 7, and graduate Administrators (AD5 Generalist) EPSO/AD/373/19 AD5. Two dozens of former-candidates, now laurates, to join the reserve lists and become officers in the European Institutions. Despite the challenges, the long waiting periods, the uncertainty and the new SCBI. 24 people (our «croqUEtillas» as we fondly nicknamed them) are now in the reserve list. They did their best and we helped them to perform at the maximum level, now this effort has its reward. In YaSemosEuropeos (YSE) we’ll remain at your service to help you with the EPSO challenge and sooner or later, to celebrate your success.

In these challenging times, it’s time to take care of your beloved ones and of yourself, but also there is an opportunity to start (or keep) your next steps on the EPSO competitions. Sooner or later everything will come back to normality, those who took advantage of this time will have better chances of succeeding.

¿Cuándo preparar las oposiciones europeas? (edición especialistas)

Hola a todos,

Muchas veces nos preguntáis ¿cuánto duran esto de las oposiciones europeas? ¿Cuándo recomendáis comenzar a preparar? ¿me puedo preparar la última fase ahora que me estoy inscribiendo en la primera? ¿Cuándo empezaría a trabajar en las instituciones? Y otras versiones de las mismas dudas. (si habéis leido nuestra entrada de generalistas, no es un deja vu, hemos copiado el mismo parrafo en las dos entradas)

Este artículo está especialmente indicado si buscas información del proceso de AD5, AD7 para especialistas de distinto tipo y otros procesos AD con Talent Screnner

El análisis lo haremos en base a las convocatorias de los últimos años, aunque para croqUEtizar el asunto haremos referencia particular a las oposiciones de 2018, ya que las de 2019 aún no están concluidas y el COVID ha dejado el calendario habitual para el arrastre. ¡Vamos allá! 

Introducción general

Una idea general del asunto

La cosa como se ve en la imagen, los procesos por normal general constan de la inscripción, la fase de test o CBT (si hay muchos inscritos) o de talent screener (revisión de méritos para le puesto) si hay pocos. Luego ya vendrá el examen intermedio o el talent screener (si antes se hizo el test CBT) y finalmente el Assessment que se hace en Bruselas (lo más probable) o Luxemburgo .

fijarse en la fecha del Case Study

Normalmente EPSO va publicando un calendario aproximado con cada oposición, en la imagen podéis ver el calendario de Administradores científicos y Aduanas que salieron en 2019 y 2018 respectivamente.  

Aquí también, el caso práctico tiene fecha peculiar

Por lo general los concursos de especialistas necesitan más de nuestro tiempo para rellenar la solicitud, ya que suelen incluir un Talent Screener, que puede ser valorado al principio o a la mitad de la competición

¿Qué es un talent screener?

Una serie de preguntas, que aparecen recogidas en la propia convocatoria (uno de los anejos) que sirven para valorar nuestra experiencia en el área de especialidad de la oposición.  Tienen espacio limitado y nos suelen pedir que sea una respuesta esquemática y concisa (nada de poner blablá). Se valora por si sola, sólo se tiene en cuenta lo que hayáis puesto ahí y no en otra parte de la aplicación (por lo general, en la convocatoria os indicarán estoy y el resto de detalles)

Fase Inicial- Talent o CBT

Una vez rellena la inscripción, nos dan unas 4-5 semanas, nos llegará a los pocos días un email diciendo si hay que hacer a continuación el CBT (razonamiento verbal, numérico y abstracto)  sin la prueba de situacional. O directamente pasamos a la evaluación del Talent Screener. Que sea una u otra dependerá del número de candidatos y de plazas. Si hay muchos candidatos, vamos al test, si hay pocos, vamos a los Talent.

Si vamos al CBT la cosa dura entorno a 6 semanas, entre semana para elegir fecha, luego las 2 o 3 para hacer las pruebas. Al acabar, tocará esperar al menos 3 semanas para tener los resultados. Después, irán pasando a la fase de Talent (por mucho que queráis, no os libráis de este) .

Una vez pasado el CBT, `por orden de puntuación irán mirando nuestro Talent hasta completar un cierto cupo. Si no hubo CBT, revisarán todos los Talent. En ambos casos la espera se hará  larga, según volumen de candidatos puede ser desde 1,5 meses a 4 meses ( a tener en cuenta si entre medias cae la navidad, semana santa u otra fiesta de guardar que alarga el proceso) hasta saber los resultados y tener nuestra bien merecida invitación al Assessment.

Fase final – El assessment Centre

Ya estamos casí en la lista de reserva, un último esfuerzo

Estamos en el assessment, aquí la cosa se pone aún más interesante aún ¿razón? el Caso Práctico irá dando saltos, si en las competiciones de generalistas suele ser al principio, en las de especialistas, lo mismo te va al principio, en medio o al final. Las otras pruebas a las que nos enfrentaremos serán dinámica de grupo, entrevista de competencias, entrevista de campo (y en algún caso particular, caso práctico de especialidad)  

Dos advertencias bien gordas para esta fase

  • Como el volumen de candidatos es mucho más reducido, la evaluación se hará más rápido, en cuestión de un par de semanas podría estar acabado el proceso de assessment. Los resultados tardarán 4 semanitas al menos.
  • Aquí también hay que estar atentos, si no hemos hecho CBT al principio, tocará hacerlo con el resto de pruebas. Lo bueno que sólo habrá que aprobarlo.

Si os ha gustado este artículo, aquí explicamos el proceso para oposiciones de especialistas y no olvideis seguir en el blog y nuestras redes (twitter instagram o canal de telegram) para ir estando al tanto de nuestros análisis de las mismas.  Si lo que os interesa es que os ayudemos más con nuestras formaciones, aquí toda la información.  

¡Ánimo a todos y buena preparación!

Como si fuera una peli de superheroes Marvel, os dejamos un extra al final que puede resultar de interés 😉

Listado de Recursos útiles

  1. El CBT o los test psicotécnicos
  2. El Assesment centre
  3. 10 recursos gratuitos para preparar esto.
  4. los Cursos YSE